When Edsel launched on September 4th 1957 — aka “E-Day”— it was apparent that Ford had a right flop on its hands. From the way it looked (it was ugly...) to naming it after Henry Ford’s only child (that was weird...) the brand was a disaster.

The Blue Oval’s marketing department had only made matters worse by promising during a year-long ad campaign that the newbie would be the car of the future. Customers fully expected a truly advanced vehicle but basically got a new model year Ford with a hefty price tag. Ford’s bid to bridge the gap between it and Mercury had failed, big time, but just like voluminous natural curls and platform shoes, Edsel has made a comeback and it’s for the very reasons why it was shunned — the unconventional front end styling, quirky spinning speedometer and Teletouch drive — that it’s being embraced by enthusiasts. However, there were some models that were cool right from the get-go — such as the two-door Ranger Convertible. It’s sought after by serious collectors and worth a few bob too as just 76 were produced in 1960 (the same year Ford hastily pulled the plug on the brand following a huge backlash from disappointed customers) and although it was the ill-fated marque’s last year, Edsel saved the best for last, going out on a high with this one.

The horse collar grille was ditched for a conventional horizontal version while the 18 confusing model trims were reduced to seven, one of which was the gorgeous two-door convertible which rode the same Fairlane/Galaxie chassis with the standard engine being a Ford 292 aka the Ranger V8. With a two-barrel carb, it made 185 horses but a far more potent mill could be had, the 352 V8 with a four-barrel churning out 300 horses.

Due to its rarity, good looks and the fact it was Edsel’s halo car, prices can reach as high as the Dh300,000 mark today.