There are many cars out there that sure know how to divide opinion. Take the SSR as an example. I can’t see much wrong with a convertible hotrod pickup but some thought the Chevy was ridiculous. What about the Aztek? Yes, it was ugly — but its actual problem was that it was way ahead of its time; nobody takes their all-wheel drive SUVs off-road today but Pontiac was offering customers a chance to never hit the beaten track way back in the Nineties with this thing though it’s picked up a growing legion of fans ever since it appeared in Breaking Bad. But nothing has proved to be quite so hit or miss as the series two, three and four Lagonda.

Some love the William Townes styled wedge-shape Aston Martin with the massive bonnet and LED cabin, others detest it. It’s made it on the lists of the ugliest cars of all time, but is also appreciated by a fair few too. Back in the late Seventies nothing spoke of the future better than this saloon with it being the first production car to use computer management (which was terribly unreliable...) digital instruments, touch-sensitive controls and which also combined that with old-country comfort what with plush leather seats, Wilton wool carpets and burl walnut trim. It all made for a very distinct car and it had the go to match the show. Under the long bonnet sat (as far back as possible so that it would fit...) a massive 5.3-litre V8 mated to a smooth-shifting three-speed automatic. It made a healthy 280bhp, had a top speed of 230kph and combined power with luxury with ease — but due to its curious styling you either loved or hated this Aston. With less than 650 produced (each one took 2,200 hours to build) finding one today can be very tricky however, if you come across a well-mainted example prepare to pay around Dh200,000 for it, while half of that gets a you a decent one.

It’s as ugly as it is cool which makes the Lagonda an interesting proposition.