The economic boom in the US after World War II (between the Forties and up to the Seventies) saw phenomenal economic growth. It was an exciting time to be an American as the nation returned to prosperity. The Golden Age of Capitalism brought about sweeping changes which were reflected in the auto industry and perhaps no better than by Chevrolet which ditched its prewar styling of its AK Series trucks with the new Advanced Design models in 1947. The emphasis was now on interior comfort, safety and eye-catching aesthetics.

The new horizontal grille and recessed headlights gave the 1950 3100 (half ton pickup) Deluxe a bolder front while the rounded fenders complimented the smoother body. With a larger windshield, bigger side and rear window glass, and optional rear-quarter windows improving safety and drivability, it also got bigger doors to make ingress and egress easier and the cab had all sorts of amenities — including a heater and defroster as standard which were luxury items back then.


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The radically different light-duty truck was still built with wooden cargo floors but it wasn’t just a work horse any more; Chevy knew they had to be more than just that and made it more comfortable to drive by adding telescopic shock absorbers rather than the previous lever-action type. It rode on 16in wheels wrapped with whitewall tubed-tyres and there were three body lengths to select from.

Power came from a 3.5-litre straight-six which made 90 horses and 235 Nm of torque, and it was mated to a three-speed manual with an optional four-speed available too. It wasn’t long before it was a common sight around town and the highway rather than just the farm.

With their sleek styling and strong collector support, these Advance Design Pickups — which continued through to 1955 (they were replaced with the Task Force models) — aren’t that hard to find as they were built in the thousands but expect to pay in the region of Dh160,000 for a good one.