No air conditioning. No radio. No power windows, no power locks — not even a back seat. On paper, the 1995 Mustang didn’t appear to have much to offer, but you’d be thinking of it as a ‘regular’ car; the SVT Cobra R was anything but. It had been lightened up in the interest of speed and it sure made up for its lack of features with bags of tyre-melting torque and rampaging horses. This pony was born to race and to get one over the Z28...

The fast Ford came in the wake of the ‘93 Fox-bodied car’s success, and it was even angrier than the predecessor. When you mustered up the courage to floor the throttle, both your nose and its would shoot for the stars above thanks to the 351 cubic-inch Windsor small-block and a snappy 3.27:1 limited slip diff. The 5.8-litre had been poked and prodded to make a whopping 300 horses (75 more than the output of the 5.0-litre V8 in the GT) and 495Nm of torque and it was mated to a bullet-proof Tremec five-speed manual. It could hit 0-100kph in around 5 seconds while the chassis was beefed up with heavy-duty progressive-rate springs, thicker stabilizer bars and a front strut tower brace that helped obliterate the track. It sent the ‘95 Camaro — with its 5.7-litre making 275 horses — running for cover.

Ford priced each one at $37,600 (Dh135,000) and only offered them to members of the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America), IMSA (International Motor Sports Association), NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) or IHRA (International Hot Rod Association) fraternity who promised to race them on the track. This made sense as although it was road legal it was basically a race car (there was hardly any sound insulation, it only had a 75-litre fuel tank, the suspension was very stiff and the lack of AC made it unpleasant if you were stuck in a jam on warm days). Ford wanted it out on the circuit collecting trophies, not parked in the garage collecting dust.

Just 250 were built (they were all painted white with a saddle cloth interior) and if you get lucky and find one today, you’ll have to pay at least three times the original asking price to make it yours.


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