1993 marked Cadillac’s 90th anniversary and although this should have been an auspicious moment in its illustrious history, poor sales leading up to the milestone meant it was low key. Drastic changes were needed to revive the grandfather of luxury rides and they sure were made to the ‘93 model Fleetwood in a bid to reclaim the glory days.

First of all, General Motors did its best to confuse everyone by naming the previously known Brougham as the Fleetwood (the Brougham name had been used on various Caddy’s from as far back as the Fifties as a trim level but became its own model in 1986; now you could get the moniker for the new Fleetwood too...) but far bigger news was that for ‘93 it would switch from the front-wheel drive C-body platform to rear-wheel drive D-body and this also made it the longest production American car. It measured 5,717mm in length, weighed 2,035kg and was basically a throwback to the cars of yesteryear; it was massive, heavy, floaty, had the cushiest (and roomiest) of cabins upholstered in both cloth and glove-soft leather and... handled appallingly! Not that the latter mattered of course — buyers looking for the most comfortable and luxurious of cruisers were very happy. Antilock brakes, traction control and dual front airbags were fitted as standard while power came from a Corvette-sourced 5.7-litre V8, detuned to produce 190bhp. The only transmission offered was the smooth as silk four-speed automatic. The Brougham option package included a full vinyl top, C-pillar badging and heated front seats. It could easily accommodate six adults (with a 3,085mm wheelbase those in the back had ample space) and although the model marked a return to form for Cadillac, it was retired three years later due to the increasing demand for SUVs (the Arlington Texas assembly plant was converted to truck production for the Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe) and also  because Cadillac already had two large saloons (the DeVille and the Seville) in its lineup and a third wasn’t needed. Today, a well-maintained example will cost just Dh20,000 which would represent an absolute bargain.


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