Purists would take one look at the Silver Spirit and shake their heads in disapproval. “It’s too modern now” they’d moan. They felt it lost some of the grandeur of the stately Silver Shadow that it succeeded (this was the first use of aerodynamics by Rolls...) even though it shared the same platform and the wonderful 6.25-litre V8. But it was lower, wider and too flashy and it was for these reasons that traditionalists gave it the cold shoulder. That was daft — and that was also several years ago; it’s long since been a collectors item along with the longer wheelbase Silver Spur and for good reason but if you’re a bit of an introvert then this is hardly something you can hide in...

This uber-luxurious saloon was easily one of the most magnificent vehicles produced in the Eighties and had it all from yards of walnut trim, fold down walnut tables, leather arm rests, lambs wool rugs, a foot rest to the lightest of power steerings and an automatic ride levelling suspension ensuring you wafted along as if you were on a road made out of marshmallows. Incidentally, the Silver Spur was the first Rolls that got a retractable Spirit of Ecstasy. It was the preferred choice for dignitaries, heads of state and the rich and famous.

There is something unique and special about these cars not to mention the statement they make. With a little over 8,000 Mk1’s built from 1980 to 1989, finding one today can be difficult, but not impossible and nor will a princely sum be needed to make it yours. Around Dh70,000 gets you a taste of the world that the one-percenters were enjoying. That’s a bargain for the ultimate in exclusivity and supremacy in a motorcar.


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