With its Art Deco streamlined styling by the legendary Gordon Buehrig, a fully synchronized gearbox, dual ratio rear end and a potent supercharged straight eight, the 1935 Auburn 851 Cabriolet is one of the most desirable classics of all time. What’s more, unlike many cars built in the same era, this one isn’t just a garage queen; mechanically, it was way ahead of its time and even though it is over 80 years old now, you wouldn’t have to think twice about getting out and driving it.

The Auburn Automobile Company was established in 1903 and soon became known as a well-respected builder of reliable cars — and the ‘35 model really caught the imagination with its sporty grille and sleek bonnet while the blown 115 horsepower Lycoming motor was commendable for its time. It looked best when the body was finished in black, with white wall wheels and a salmon interior

With only 40 supercharged cabriolets built, they’re a very rare sight today. If you get lucky and find one for sale (probably at Pebble Beach) you’ll need the best part of Dh800,000 to make it yours.