The third and fourth gen Supras tend to hog the limelight, but let’s not forget the second coming of the  Toyota which debuted back in 1982, for it’s a bit of a hidden gem.

Known officially as the Celica Supra, at launch it got a 145bhp a 2.8-litre inline six that was mated to a five-speed manual (a four-speed auto was optional) and although it might not have been outright fast, it had a distinctive exterior along with a state-of-the-art interior (which included eight-way-adjustable Recaro-style seats with an inflatable lumbar support and a very Eighties’ style graphic equaliser!) which made it a proper Datsun Z-car rival. And, Toyota’s stake in Lotus Engineering meant that what the A60 Supra lacked in power, it sure made up for in handling thanks to its four-wheel independent suspension.

Two variants were offered, the L-Type (luxury) and P-Type (performance); the former featured a digital instrument panel and choice of plush velour or leather interior while the latter was equipped with a limited-slip differential. By the end of production in ‘86, power had climbed to 161 horses.

It’s finally gained cult status and you can find these Japanese classics in used car lots from Dh25,000 for rough runners to Dh75,000 for low-mile, clean examples.


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