The name came straight from the race track — and it sure was deserving what with the Grand Prix blessed with 303 horses produced by its 389 cubic inch V8 that breathed through a true dual exhaust. King of the hill was the venerable 421 cubic inch Super Duty V8 with a 4.30:1 rear gear ratio and it pumped out 405 horses. From the off, this Pontiac was built to go — literally and metaphorically; enthusiasts snapped up every one of the 30,195 units produced of the potent Poncho.

Debuting in 1962 as a two-door hardtop, it featured a three-speed Hydra-Matic automatic (or optional four-speed manual), independent front suspension (with A-arms and coil springs), solid axle rear suspension with coil springs, and power-assisted four-wheel drum brakes.

It was basically a Catalina coupe minus the brightwork and packed a sportier cabin with Morrokide-covered bucket seats and a floor shifter while the air conditioning and power steering ensured it was luxurious too. Pontiac sought to fill the personal car market which had been established by Ford’s four-passenger Thunderbird and did so with aplomb with the Grand Prix.

The first gen cars were built until ‘68 and values of these range wildly depending on the drivetrain and condition. Those with the base 389 under the bonnet can command as much as $36,000 however if you were to find one of the just 16 Super Duty cars that Pontiac built that year, you’ll need to set aside a fortune for the privilege. How much for this ultra rare GP? Between $375,000 and $425,000...