As if you didn’t know it, the best-selling vehicle in the US is not a car — it is a truck. In fact, the F-150 has been dominating the sales charts for decades but it was the hard as nails first generation F-Series which got the ball rolling. 

Ford’s legendary pickup debuted in 1948 with a 226 cubic inch flathead six-cylinder as the base engine mated to either a three or four-speed manual but the optional V8, painted red of course, was a popular choice. The Blue Oval introduced an eight-cylinder before both of its key rivals Chevrolet and Dodge and in the last year of the so-called Bonus-Built series in 1952 it got a new front end design, new front fenders and bonnet, a larger rear window and a new 215 cubic inch over-head-valve six-cylinder. With a compression ratio of 7:1, it made 101 horses. The 239 V8’s compression was upped to help take it from 100 to 106 horses and although it sold ever so well — Chevy still lead the way in the segment during the 1948-1952 period.

For Ford’s 50th Anniversary, the 1953 model year trucks got a major revamp; the second gens featured a restyled expanded cab, new grille, and larger cargo bed but it wouldn’t be until the late Seventies when it reclaimed its industry-leading status. Today, a ‘52 F-1 retails for around Dh160,000.