There was a time when station wagons were the ultimate family vehicle — not even faux-wood panelling stopped people from buying them. If you had kids, pets and luggage to haul you bought one of these but, most wagon/estate/shooting breaks succumbed to the SUV...

There are several reasons for this change of trend, the main, arguably, is that wagons carried the baggage (pun intended) of being a parents’ car and had a dowdy image. Just look at the Edsel Bermuda for details... Those National Lampoon Vacation movies didn’t help either; the Griswolds infamous Wagon Queen Family Truckster was in fact a customised 1979 Ford LTD Country Squire — but people just couldn’t look at these types of vehicles anymore without laughing.

That said, there still are some mighty fine wagons being built today. The 2018 Audi RS4 Avant is a prime example — but it’d pale into insignificance if you parked a 1955 Buick Special Estate Wagon Model 49 next to it. The sight of one these oldies will have you beaming from ear to ear. Find one with the 188bhp 262 cubic inch Fireball V8 finished in Gulf Turquoise paint with a white roof (as pictured) and equipped with the Dyna-Flow power steering (with a deluxe wheel), power brakes, E-Z Eye tinted glass and Foam-Tex seats and you’d have yourself a real winner on your hands that the entire family will enjoy. It was absolutely a dream wagon with practicality too; it could be ordered with a split rear seat which could be folded away in sections to give you a deeper loading space and rear seating space at the same time. The Buick’s uniqueness was unsurpassed too; from the large chrome grille to the portholes on the fenders, nothing made more of a statement than this. In ‘55, if you had one of these, it meant you had climbed up the scale considerably. This wasn’t your bare-bones Ford Ranch wagon; this ensured you arrived in style. 2,952 were built that year and if you want today, you’ll need to pay Dh150,000 for the privilege.


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