There are many out there that would love an M2 GTS, but it doesn’t appear BMW will be making one. The M2 is the cheapest way to get a full-blown M car and having a GTS variant would probably cost as much as the M4. But, that hasn’t stopped German tuner Alpha-N Performance from fiddling with the baby Bimmer and giving us, yes, an M2 GTS. And it looks very tasty indeed.

Its aggressive tuning programme for the Coupé improves performance and gives the model a wilder look. It looks a bit like the M4 GTS too; we love the power dome bonnet (which is available in a choice of exposed carbon fibre, primed carbon fibre, or ultra-light Kevlar) and the new roof which has a visible carbon fibre finish. The front end gets a carbon fibre splitter and you can opt for either GT4 brake ducts or a GTS one that feature an adjustable air splitter. Around the back, the M2 GTS gets a boot-mounted rear wing and a carbon fibre diffuser along with M exhaust tips. There’s more of the magical weave on the mirror caps and kidney grille while the 20in BMW M Competition alloys (borrowed from the M4 GTS) round off the exterior very nicely.

As for power, the tuner offers a kit that takes the turbocharged, inline-six 3.0-litre from 365 horses to 450. And to keep the extra horses in check, they add a fully adjustable Öhlins’ Road and Track coilover suspension along with ceramic brakes which were taken from the M4 Coupé. We like what we see but if you wish the starting car was the M3 or M4, well, the tuner says it can work its magic on them, too.

It’ll be on display at the 2016 Essen motor show on November 26.