This is TechArt’s GTstreet R, and it doesn’t just look wild – it has the go to match the show. Based on the range-topping 991 Turbo and Turbo S, the Porsche has been given a serious injection of power not to mention active aero addenda that make 321kg of downforce at 300kph.

Starting with the exterior, the Porsche packs a carbon fibre front apron with an active front spoiler which optimizes the airflow towards the water- and oil-coolers and there’s a central air outlet that is designed to reduce aerodynamic lift. Around the back sits a carbon wing which rises automatically with its angle adjusted by up to 15 degrees when you hit Performance mode. That’s not all; TechArt is offering the model with power upgrades for the turbocharged flat-six and the first kit sees the Porsche make 600 horses and 790Nm of torque. The next kit sees the addition of another 40 horses and 880Nm of torque and allows the GTstreet R to hit 0-100kph in 2.7 seconds and if anyone out there wants any more oomph, then TechArt has them covered what with another kit that sees the output grow to a scarcely believable 720 horses and 920Nm of torque. It comes with a new sport exhaust system (with a continuously variable pneumatic valve control) and customers can opt for either 20in or 21in alloys and a VarioPlus coilover suspension, and a Noselift front axle lift system. It’ll give the car 60mm of additional ground clearance.

As for the interior, two different variants can be had; the Exclusive and the Clubsport. The former features fine leather upholstery while the latter has Alcantara trim along with a colour-matched roll bar and six-point harnesses. It also has door-opening straps.

Can’t wait for the new GT2 RS? Then you might want to give TechArt a call…