Want your S-Class Coupé to be the “boss of the boulevard” and the “head of the highway”? Well then, according to Prior Design, you need their new PD75SC wide-body kit for the two-door Mercedes.

The tuner reckons their kit will transform the Merc and from the photos, it looks like it’s been on a steady diet of steroids; it looks pumped up and ready for action. The wide-body parts and the three-piece rear wing make a massive difference to the already imposing luxury coupe – as do the arches with air intakes, front bumper, side skirts with side blades, rear bumper and the two-piece diffuser. And for good measure, it’s been slammed to the ground thanks to a suspension kit from H&R. The kit makes the Merc 198mm wider at the rear axle and 119mm at the front than the regular S-Class Coupe.

It’s a very aggressive look, which is rounded off by three-piece forged 22in wheels with 265/30 front and 315/25 rear tyres (23in wheels can be had too…) and it’s been matched by the exhaust note; Prior Design has also added a stainless steel exhaust system with throttle control to give it an mighty roar. You’ll see and hear this one coming from miles away.