Back in April last year we reported that Callaway was making a shooting brake conversion kit for the C7 and that the Corvette would be here by the end of 2016. Well, it’s taken a few months longer to present itself but it looks so awesome that we don’t care about the delay.

The C21 AeroWagen was previewed in fact way back in 2013 - before the C7 was even available. Four years later and those with the Chevy who need more luggage room can rejoice. The newbie strikes a perfect balance of sportiness and practicality and Callaway didn’t even need to make any changes to the chassis or interior. Even the targa roof if intact! The extended roof option is an easy fit that uses the same hinge as the rear hatch while the tempered safety rear window glass includes defogging hardware. If owners get bored (why would they, it looks awesome) they can easily reinstall the standard factory hatch.

The package, made to fit on all C7-generation Corvettes and which costs Dh55,000, is installed by Callaway's Connecticut and California shops.