Supercars already stand out – and quite a lot too, it’s what their good at doing of course and going really fast too - but Carlex Design knows just what to do to make then that much more eye-catching as work on the F12 Berlinetta will testify.

The tuner has given it a very bright new look but it isn’t just a yellow colour scheme that’ll catch the eye – it’s also given it a heavy leather, carbon fibre and Alcantara interior too. The result is one of the flashiest Ferraris you’ll ever see. Starting with the cabin, it features yellow inserts almost everywhere - even the steering wheel and floor mats. More yellow stitching finds its way on the door cards and the Alcantara seats. And it also seems to have as much carbon fibre as the TDF variant; the magic weave appears on the dash and centre console and sure looks the part.

The tuner left the 6.3-litre V12 as is, not that it needed any tweaking not when it already makes a whopping 730 horses and 690Nm of torque which is good for a 0-100kph dash in just 3./1 seconds and a top speed of 340kph. Instead, Carlex Design focused its attention on the exterior and gave the F12 a vibrant banana yellow paint job and we have to say the yellow finish complements the interior perfectly.

Ferrari also installs its latest drivetrain tech on the 812 Superfast. For example, the latest generation of the firm’s rear-wheel steering system should sharpen handling. This is also the first Prancing Horse ever to use electric power steering.