In the spirit of good old fashioned rivalry and one-upmanship Texan tuner Hennessey has found a fitting retort to Dodge’s provocatively titled Demon über muscle car. While the performance figures of the latter are yet to be announced, given that the relatively tamer Hellcat makes 707bhp, chances are they will be big. Very, very big.

So in an anticipatory takedown of the Dodge, Hennessey has picked a Camaro ZL1 and given it a juicy, well rounded power figure of 1,000. Yes. One. Thousand. That’s adequate. Oh and the name is even adequate-er — Exorcist. No punches pulled, then.

John Hennessey and his team of lunatics poked and prodded the ZL1’s 6.2-litre LT4 supercharged V8 and tuned it up from the limp wristed 640bhp of the standard car to a tyre-shredding one-kay. Torque, meanwhile is up from a weedy 868Nm to a prodigious 1,310Nm! Those are hypercar stats!

The Exorcist can be specced with optional radial drag racing tyres, which will enable it to hit 100kph from standstill in under 3.0sec. The benchmark — in ’Murica — quartermile will be demolished in less than 10.

The bigger supercharger and intercooler produce 14psi of boost allowing for these magnificent numbers. The cylinder heads, camshaft, headers and induction system have all been upgraded and the job is rounded off with a neat ECU flash.

You can order the Exorcist with a six-speed manual — it is upgraded to be able to handle all the grunt — or the new 10-speed automatic.

If straight line antics are your thing — which they presumably are if you want this car — then also available to order is a ‘Drag Pack’. It brings 315/30-20 Nitto drag radial tyres, 20in wheels, a drive shaft upgrade, tool kit and floor jack to the party. A slightly tamer ‘Road Race Pack’ can also be had and adds 20in lightweight Hennessey alloys and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres.

The base Exorcist can be yours for a measly Dh437,920. Bargain, if you don’t include the millions you will spend on tyres.