If you want a potent 500 then Abarth will sort you out, it’s been making peppy little Fiats for years, but another tuner has given the Italian hatchback a makeover — and it’s as extreme as it gets. Meet the 350 GP4 by Giannini.

This is an evolution of the rear-wheel drive, Alfa Romeo 4C-powered 350 GP, and it’s as clear as day that the Fiat isn’t a cute city runabout anymore — it’s been transformed into a mini supercar and packs 350 horses and all-wheel drive!

Apart from the wide set of wheels it also has a custom front fascia, flared arches and carbon fibre aerodynamic elements including a front splitter and side mirror caps — not to mention windows made out of Plexiglas. This pocket rocket will be shooting for the stars, literally!

Around the back, the 350 GP4 gets a roof-mounted spoiler, massive air diffuser, and vents drilled into the hatch.

The cabin has a full roll cage too and overall it’s so ferocious that we bet it eats the basic 70 horse 1.2-litre model for breakfast!