There’s not much wrong with the 2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo, it’s a fully-loaded 542bhp powerhouse, however TopCar has created 25 Stingray GTR editions and they all look wild.

The Russian tuner must have been influenced by the Corvette and Nissan considering the name for the kit which consists of a whole lot of carbon fibre (both inside and out) and we must say the Panamera’s new front and rear bumpers, custom intakes, redesigned DRLs, new bonnet, side skirts, rear diffuser and the large rear wing give it a really aggressive look.

The cabin features carbon fibre trim on the dash, door panels and the steering wheel and they have loaded it up with lots of leather and Alcantara too. As for the seats, well, aside from the bold quilted pattern they features sharks stitched onto the headrests.