The GT-R has proven over the years that it is virtually bullet proof and it’s one of the reasons that tuners love getting their hands on it. The latest firm to give the Nissan a shot in the arm is Wheelsandmore and they sure have gone to town on it. 

The German tuner, better known for working its magic on Italian supercars, has done a fab job on ‘Godzilla’ by upping its 570 horse output to several much bigger figures. The Stage 1 kit boosts power of the twin-turbo V6 to 605 horses, Stage 2 takes it a step further to 630, while Stage 3 goes further still by hitting the 650 mark thanks to a modified exhaust and catalyst replacement pipes. If you want more power, you’ve got it! Stage 4 — which sees the turbochargers replaced and more powerful gas pumps installed — gives the GT-R 700 horses and if that still isn’t enough then Stage 5 which adds catalyst replacement tubes and a remapped ECU will give the Nissan 740 rampaging horses.