As you know, Callaway Cars is renowed in the tuning scene for building some of the most insane Corvettes ever. Go and have a look at the recent C7 Aerowagon shooting brake for confirmation of this and then come back... See what we mean? Anyway, it seems the company wanted their next build to be able to accomodate more than just a set of skis and so they turned to their attentions to, of all things, the Yukon Denali, and they’ve taken its output from 420 horses to 560! Family outings would be a lot of fun in this.

To get to the new and improved figure, Callaway added an Eaton 2300cc TVS supercharger with carbon fibre manifold covers to the 6.2-litre V8. Then they added a Callaway Handling Package (which lowers the ride height by 2.0in) and gave it a set of 22in wheels.

The interior was spruced up a tad with embroidered floor mats, a Callaway key fob, Callaway badging (interior and exterior), and it has a special plaque under the bonnet with a Callaway VIN.

It looks like just the ticket for a large family that can’t all be seated in that awesome Aerowagon!