We love the 812 Superfast for many reasons — but mostly because it hasn’t gone down the turbocharging route like so many others. This is rare in the modern supercar world and we are glad Ferrari doesn’t see the need for forced induction to its glorious 6.5-litre V12.

However, the naturally aspirated motor has been fettled with by German tuner Wheelsandmore to extract more oomph out of it. Not that it needed much more...

 Remember, in stock form, the 812 Superfast makes 789 horses which is plenty in anyone’s book — apart for the aftermarket firm — and so with the addition of a new exhaust system with valve flap-controlled mufflers, an x-pipe, and 100-cell catalytic converters, the Ferrari has gained 20 more horses and a booming new soundtrack.

They also throw on a set of 21in wheels which look neat.