We were big fans of the Civic Type R and wish it was still sold here in the UAE. Anyway, as potent and fun to drive it was, California-based tuner Hondata has taken the stock Honda and transformed it into a high horsepower monster.

The FlashPro tune for the FK8 can turn any 2017 model into a beast thanks to several base maps (they don’t need any modifications to the engine) which sees an additional 33 horses (over the stock output of 306) for a total of 339 horsepower. That’s if it’s running on just 91-octane — California doesn’t have much access to the good stuff, that being 93 octane but if you get your hands on it there then you can expect gains of 47 horses for a total of 353. That easily puts the Type R amongst the most powerful hot hatches in the segment. Hondata also has a tune for E25 fuel that nets 58 horses so, if you like taking your Type R to the track, you’ll definitely be shaving a few tenths off your lap times.