Last week’s Spy Shots was about the hardcore Aventador SV J but if you can’t wait for the wild Lambo to come along then there’s good news for Novitec has an enticing alternative.

The 740 horsepower Aventador S is the flagship but the tuner has a way of making it even wilder. It’s latest package modifies the Italian supercar making it more powerful — and does so without resorting to forced induction. Yay!

Novitec has fitted a new stainless steel and Inconel exhaust system which has upped power of the naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 by 23 horses for a total of 763. The exhaust shaves 20kg off the total weight and allows the Lambo to hit 100kph from rest in just 2.8 seconds. That makes it a tenth of a second quicker than the Aventador S.

Exterior changes include a new set of 20in Vossen forged wheels (21in at the back) along with new carbon fibre components optimized in a wind tunnel to increase aerodynamic efficiency (which also give it a more aggressive look) while the suspension has also been lowered by 1.2in too.