Anyone who has spent some time in the plush cabin of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class would agree that it is difficult to improve upon what the guys in Stuttgart have done there. And most of the times when an aftermarket tuner or customiser tries to tinker with it, the result will be outrageous. But Vilner Design’s take on the Mercedes-AMG S63 convertible manages to keep things relatively tasteful and restrained.

“The factory design, fit and finish of the S-Class are definitely up to the car’s status, no doubt about that. But, sometimes you can initiate a totally different experience inside with just a little touch,’’ says Atanas Vilner. His motto for this customization is “moderate individualization for maximum effect”, and true to the statement, instead of totally redesigning the seats, the Vilner team has left the central sections intact, crafting new sides from brown perforated leather, which continues to the lumbar support area.