The Performante is a serious piece of kit. In fact, it is the most hardcore Huracán you can buy — but Novitec has taken the lightweight Lamborghini to the next level thanks to a range of add-on carbon fibre components.

Starting with the front fascia, the German tuner has fitted a central spoiler blade — not just because it looks good — but also to help reduce front-axle lift. Then they added air ducts to the bonnet to help improve directional stability at high speeds and giving it an extra dose of aggression is the gill-shaped carbon fibre forged composite attachments on the front wheel arches. The new rocker panels give the Lambo a lower and longer visual stance.

This Huracán rides on a set of lightweight 20in front and 21in rear wheels while the new sports suspension drop the ride height by 35mm. A new stainless steel (or Inconel) exhaust can be had too. Novitec’s working on an upgrade kit for the naturally aspirated 5.2-litre V10 that will give it way more horsepower than the standard 630.

As for the interior, a host of custom options can be had including Alcantara and leather in any colour.