The 600 horsepower F90 M5 sure isn’t lacking in oomph but Manhart thought it was and so the tuner has upped the ante to a whopping 723 horses.

The German aftermarket specialist gave the BMW a real shot in the arm via a new ECU which now puts the super saloon on a par with the McLaren 720S. Although Manhart hasn’t revealed any 0-100kph times, we’re certain that with the extra 121 horses it’ll shave a few tenths of a second off the standard car’s 3.4 second sprint time.

Aside from more power, Manhart also gave the M5 a new look. It features a carbon fibre exterior package which includes a front spoiler (with optional side blades), an aggressive diffuser, and a boot lid lip spoiler. It also gets a stainless steel exhaust system, KW coilover springs which drop the ride height by 0.8in, and it rides on a set of 21in Manhart Concave One aluminium alloys finished in Silk-Matte Black.

We love the distinctive black and gold livery, it looks a treat.