Honda’s Mugen Motorsports tuning division has created a new body kit for the already rather punchy looking Civic Type R — and it gives the hot-hatch a really aggressive look. In fact, some might say that it makes the standard car’s boy-racer looks appear positively tame by comparison.

The new extreme body kit — called the RC20GT Package — might not appeal to everyone but if you want to give your Honda a wild new look then this is what you need. Made almost entirely from carbon fibre including the bumpers, the spoilers, and the side skirts (we like the dive planes, extra vents, and new grille — and it also gets new rear lights and some decals) but the kit is more than just a styling package; Mugen says that it has improved the car’s aerodynamics along with its cooling efficiency and they get a bit more out of the 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine — which makes 316bhp as standard — thanks to a titanium exhaust system, more potent brakes, adjustable suspension, new 20in wheels, and harnessed bucket seats.

If that is a bit too much for you, then worry not for they also offer a more subtle version of this kit.