Manhart has been working its magic on BMWs for over 30 years and following its take on the 8 Series last year, the German tuner has turned its attentions to the new Z4 and given it an aggressive look and more power. How much power? Well, they call it the MHZ4 500 — the clue is in the moniker...

We love the black and gold paint theme for the roadster shown in the render images (the livery would make the Bandit proud!) while the front end gets a new lower lip and it rides on bigger wheels and gets a drop in the ride height. Around the back it features a new diffuser and a stainlesssteel exhaust system with quad tips poking out.

If you think 500 horses sounds like a bit too much for the little two-door convertible remember that the Z4 M40i has a turbocharged sixcylinder engine that produces a really healthy 382 horses — and so 500 seems plausible enough.

Manhart massages the motor by fitting a bigger turbo and intercooler, as well as giving it a software update to get to the colossal output and it has also beefed up the gearbox to handle the power. We love it!