If the price tag of just $4,800 for this 911 GT2 RS did not set the alarm bells ringing then these photos of the ‘Porsche’ sure will… Don’t be fooled by those GT2 RS decals - what you are looking at is not a Porsche folks, it is in fact a mind-bending Pontiac Fiero that has been modified to look like the iconic German sportscar.


Now, with time, talent and the right resources, it is possible to mimic the finest machinery ever built - but it seems those three vital elements were not present during this disastrous build.

This misguided creation has had the face of the 996-generation 911 grafted on – replete with the controversial 'teardrop' headlights. To be fair, the front end is convincing enough to fool some into thinking this is a real Porsche but it begs the question: If you were going to pick any 911, why would use the one that was probably most unloved?


No matter how hard you squint, or from how far back you view it from, this Fiero still looks like a Fiero. We doubt anyone will be impressed with this body conversion and in fact we consider it quite a waste of the 1988 model built by the defunct American brand. Die-hard Porsche enthusiasts will be doing their best to contain their laughter.

The Fiero packs a rebuilt 2.8-litre V6, has a new clutch master cylinder, exhaust, and battery. What’s for sure is that with that bright yellow paint, it is hard to miss! The interior does not feature any Porsche-copying modifications and appears to be in decent condition too.


Even though the asking price is reasonable, we don’t think anyone except maybe your ‘couldn’t care less about cars’ mother-in-law will be misled into thinking this is indeed a 911 GT2 RS.

We are pretty sure everyone else will be highly amused or deeply afraid by this.