Over the years we’ve seen some severely hideous efforts from aftermarket tuners. But this one here, the Scaldarsi Emperor I, really makes us want to scratch our eye balls out. It makes tuners like Mansory and Lumma look like arbiters of good taste.

Ironically based on the Mercedes-Maybach S 600, one of the most understated and elegant cars on the market, the Emperor I is an over-the-top effort dripping with garish ostentatiousness.

For starters, the exterior paint job is contrasted with rose gold trim pieces all around, and even the super-fussy wheels are finished in the awful shade. Up front there’s the massive slab of a grille, which is perhaps as imposing as Rolls-Royce’s pantheon grille albeit a hundred times worse looking, while out back even the exhausts tips and the diffuser are in the same horrible finish. Oh, and anything that looks like gold is actually the real stuff.

Inside, unsurprisingly, Scaldarsi hasn't exercised any restraint either. Although the layout remains unaltered you can dress up the cabin in a PETA-infuriating 24 different types of animal hide. These can be contrasted with 78 types of wood and there are 16 exterior paint options available, if you do decide to take leave of your senses and actually buy one of these things.

One saving grace, though, is that the tuner turned to Brabus for all the changes to the oily bits. The German Mercedes-Benz expert has shoehorned the 6.3-litre twin-turbo V12 from the Brabus Rocket 900 under the bonnet to deliver a neat 888 horsepower — enough to clock a 0-100kph sprint time of 3.7 seconds!

The first car in a series that Scaldarsi plans to introduce, only 10 Emperors will ever be made — and boy are we glad to hear that. And the price for all this monstrosity? A cool Dh5.5mil. Which is quite a mark up over the standard Dh800K Merc. Money cannot buy good taste etc…