1. LAMBO BAGS How about a toiletry wash bag made of the same carbon fibre used on Lamborghini cars? Sounds nice, but it’ll cost you Dh2,500 at www.lamborghinistore.com. And if you need something bigger, the Lamborghini Matrik carbon fibre travel bag is Dh10,495…

2. WILLIAMS WATCH Now available in the UAE, the Oris Williams 40th Anniversary watch is limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide. The watch has an automatic movement in a 40mm stainless steel case and comes in a leather pouch with a choice of straps. Available across all Rivoli outlets in the UAE with prices starting from Dh13,215.

3. TOY CARS These vintage racing toys are suitable for kids over the age of three, made of plastic and rubber and measuring about 15cm in length — they’re Dh119 each from www.meandmycar.co.uk and don’t worry, they’re suitable for you too.

4. MOTORING TEES Online automotive apparel retailer www.triplespresso.co.uk has a dozen or so new t-shirt designs out from Dh119, including this Steve McQueen design as well as lots of Porsche and Lotus options.