1. COBRA WATCH The new Baume & Mercier Clifton Club Shelby Cobra watch is a 44mm chronograph limited to 196 pieces worldwide to commemorate the car’s 196mph top speed, or 315kph, but we guess they didn’t want to do that many… Dh29,200, www.baume-et-mercier.com

2. ALONSO HELMET Even though he didn’t finish the race, which is the story of Fernando Alonso’s season so far, the Spaniard had one of the best runs of the year at the Indy 500, and www.bellracing.info stocks a replica 1:2 scale helmet in the design the Spaniard used at the famous Brickyard — Dh490

3. ADIDAS BOOTS The 2017 Adidas Daytona race boot comes in silver, red and black in lightweight leather with Nomex lining and a rubberised grip designed for professional or semi-pro use — Dh815

4. BENTLEY TOY This wooden toy garage is designed for toddlers and comes with three storeys, including a heliport, a lift and turntables — you can find it at www.shop.bentleymotors.com for Dh483