1. BENTLEY BREITLING Swiss watchmaker Breitling once again got together with Crewe carmaker Bentley to launch the new Bentley GT Dark Sapphire Edition watch inspired by the new third-generation Continental GT — it’s limited to 500 pieces worldwide

2. CAR CLOCKS www.chronosclocks.com stocks a range of handmade table clock designs with clock faces from everything like Alfas and Audis to Volvos and Wolseleys… The clocks are priced at Dh189 with a Dh50 shipping fee to the UAE.

3. WOODEN TOY www.candylabtoys.com has a new ‘Ace’ model available online for Dh110 (and they ship to the UAE) made of solid Beech wood and proper rubber tyres.

4. JAG KIDS The online Jaguar store is offering these back-to-school children’s lunch boxes in different colours with a little Jaguar cub graphic to get them started early — it’s Dh49 at www.shop.jaguar.com