1. CAR WATCH REC Watches is a company that makes watches (no surprise, there) but they make watches from recycled Sixties’ Ford Mustang car parts, and Porsche 911s and Mini Coopers, which is pretty cool — you can check out the collection at www.recwatches.com.

2. BMW HEADPHONES The new P3 S2 headphone set was created in partnership between BMW and high-end audio company Bowers & Wilkins. Made of aluminium, stainless steel and lambskin, and weighing 130g — it’s yours for Dh650 at www.shop.bmw.com.

3. LEGO CARS Lego’s 2018 Bash! and Whack! car models are the latest additions to www.shop.lego.com priced at Dh73 and perfect for kids aged seven to 14.

4. GEARHEAD KICKS One of the iconic car features from the Eighties is Porsche’s Pasha fabric seat pattern known as the ‘psychedelic’ one — here www.thecurbshop.com has released some men’s low tops for Dh202 inspired by the famous Pasha design.