1. ASTON BIKE Sure you could buy a nice little Honda Civic, or you could drop Dh77,500 on this Aston Martin bicycle made by specialists Storck — check out www.storckworld.com for more.

2. AUDI SHADES Made by eyewear manufacturer Gloryfy, these Audi Sport sunglasses are supposed to be unbreakable with the special plastics used in construction, and they’re made in Austria by the way, yours for Dh650 at www.shops.audi.com.

3. PETROLHEAD WEAR Check out www.sourkrauts.com for some automotive themed fashion especially if you’re into air-cooled and low and slow stuff — the tees are priced from Dh130.

4. ORIS WATCH Available from Rivoli stores, the new Oris Clipperton Swiss wristwatch is limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide in an effort to protect the Clipperton Island off the tip of Mexico’s Baja peninsula.