1. FORD WATCH Autodromo has launched a new wristwatch celebrating the iconic Ford Racing colours seen on Mustangs, Cobras and GT40s — the watch features a 40mm steel case and a leather strap, from Dh2,550 over at www.autodromo.com

2. ‘VETTE JACKET New arrivals at www.corvettestore.com include this C5 Corvette Nine Iron jacket so you can do the whole cliched thing when you arrive at the club in the convertible — and like the real C5, it’s a bargain at Dh290

3. GAMING WHEEL If you’ve reached the level where you’re competitive online on games like Gran Turismo Sport you might want to start looking into direct drive steering wheels to improve your lap times further — one of the latest on the market is this Thrustmaster T-GT launched to coincide with the aforementioned game and priced at around Dh2,999

4. BRIDE WALLET The holiday sale on now at www.drivenapparelco.com means everything is priced way down, so head over and choose between dozens of shirt designs or this Bride wallet made of actual Bride seat material — Dh110