1. RACING TEES www.slickattire.com has a bunch of new t-shirt designs out, like the ‘908 State’ and ‘Centre d’endurance’ celebrating classic racing — each one costs Dh117 which includes postage

2. F1 WATCH F1 artist Giorgio Piola has released a line of watches with the G5 design as the flagship, with titanium, aluminium and carbon fibre in its construction — it’ll cost you Dh10,965 at www.giorgiopiola.com

3. ALONSO GEAR Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso’s own fashion label Kimoa has released this cap to mark the Spaniard’s running in the upcoming 24 Hours of Daytona race — Dh159 at www.kimoa.com

4. BRABUS BOOK Seeing as it’s the 40th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz tuner Brabus, the company released a book commemorating all the years and featuring the whole story of Bodo Buschmann and his dream of making fast cars — this one is limited to 500 examples and costs Dh675, but there’s also a cheaper (non-autographed) version for Dh225 over at www.shop.brabus.com