1. BUS HOODIE This ‘Great Escape’ hoodie is designed by some blokes in Wales, and there’s a big range of them at www.tworeddogs.co.uk too — Dh179

2. DRIVING WATCH www.omologatowatches.com has revealed the brand’s latest limited-edition timepiece celebrating the famous race at the Brickyard — the Omologato Indianapolis Chronograph is limited to 500 pieces priced at Dh1,676 each

3. CAR MODELS Toymaker Meccano has launched a build-it-yourself kit of a whole bunch of supercars (and even a Chevrolet Silverado) like the Ferrari F12, Pagani Huayra, and Lamborghini Huracan. Head to www.meccano.com to check these out.

4. RETRO HELMET Most of us haven’t heard of Everoak but it’s a name that’s been around racing for over a hundred years — all the greats wore Everoak helmets, including Jim Clark, Stirling Moss, and Graham Hill. The replica lids start from Dh4,050 (pictured is Jack Brabham’s helmet) at www.everoakhelmets.com