Welcome back to My Wheels, Abdullah. The last time we saw you (issue 389) you had a massive GMC Sierra, which you were really proud of. Do you still have that?

Thanks for having me back again. Sadly, I sold the GMC about a year ago to a friend of mine who was after me for a long time to have that little white monster. And when I handed over the keys I instantly regretted that decision because it was so much fun to drive and it had my own personal touches. I really liked that truck but at least it’s gone to my friend so I can keep my eyes on it, and make sure he doesn’t ruin it!

That thing was very big but now you have something even bigger! When did you get this Silverado 3500HD?

I decided to buy this bigger monster at the beginning of 2015, however, I was looking for a black one as I had many ideas on how to customise and build it up, so therefore I waited until the dealer, Al Ghandi, brought the colour I wanted and that was in March this year.

What is it about these huge trucks that you like so much?

I love their sheer presence, they look so rugged and tough. But they are also so luxurious, too, and have all sorts of amenities. And it is the way they drive both on road and off-road. They provide the best of both worlds. This Silverado is actually the most incredible truck I think I will ever own and the one that I have always wanted, so for it to finally be with me is a great feeling. I’m a man with a huge passion for big trucks but this one is more than what I ever expected. I had contemplated getting a GMC Sierra Denali 3500HD, but I am glad I didn’t.

It’s absolutely massive — what is it like to drive?

It is far bigger than my previous truck and for the first few days I took extra care with it, but since I have been driving models like this for a long time, I grew used to it pretty quickly. My very first vehicle was a 2000 Toyota Hilux, which was fun to drive and I learned a lot about trucks because of that one — but the very first car I ever drove was my uncle’s 1964 Mercedes Benz 190C — I was just 13 years old at the time!

Trucks are my passion, I know all about them — how to drive them safely and judging distances etc, it’s like second nature to me. But this one makes me feel like I own the road — and it sure does take up the entire lane! I love it so much that there really isn’t anywhere that I don’t drive it.

Do you take it off-road much?

Yes, I sometimes take it off the beaten track for a weekend escape, and since it is four-wheel drive and has such incredible capability, it never puts a foot wrong and easily tames all the dunes. It is extremely fun to drive off-road — and on road; on the highway it has such a smooth and relaxing ride. The 6.0-litre V8 has more than enough power to get this hulk of a truck moving and it dispatches overtaking manoeuvres with ease, too. It also has a Magnaflow exhaust system, which gives it a very nice rumble. Yes, this one definitely deserves to be called a monster truck!  

You sure are smitten with this one. How proud do you feel to own this and do you like it more than your Sierra?

I love these giants and I feel very fortunate and proud to own this one — just as I was with my old GMC. But, if I had to pick between the two, then to be honest I would say this Chevy is the one I love more.

 It is the High Country edition — tell us about some of the special features this truck has and what you like most about it and why?

It has the highest level of options available, such as a heated steering wheel, power-adjustable pedals, integrated trailer-brake controller, lane-departure warning and forward-collision alert, along with a new interior design, USB ports and power outlets, the Chevrolet My Link system and a powerful sound system, too. But my favourite thing about it is the exterior design. I really like vehicles that stand out from the crowd as my truck does, but my dream car is the recently revealed Scaldarsi Emperor I based on the 2016 Mercedes Maybach S 600.