That is a gorgeous Continental you’ve got there, Rani! How did you come across this beauty?

It was while I was visiting the US that I saw this car advertised online and I knew I had to have it. I took a three-hour road trip and reached the owner’s house later that night with a pocket full of cash — even though they say you shouldn’t carry large amounts of money on you as it can be dangerous. But I didn’t care as all I could think about was driving this car back home with me!

I had a cruise with the owner in the Conti and bought it that night. Then I had it shipped to Dubai a few days later and
now I am enjoying it here. It has been mine for a year already and I simply love it.
I had watched a documentary about John F Kennedy – and if the Continental was good enough for the president of the US, it sure is good enough for me!


What has ownership been like — hassle free or troublesome?

So far I haven’t been in any kind of trouble with this car as I take extra care of it. I am always on top of any maintenance that it may require and always use genuine parts too.
It requires time and money but I’m doing my best as I treat it like my only child! It drives like a dream — a very big dream I might add!

It is smooth on the move but it is a very large car and at first it was a little daunting but now I am used to its size. I drive it every other weekend and usually take it for a cruise around Jumeirah, JBR or whenever I go to a fancy hotel! The valets around Dubai know me and my car quite well now!


It isn’t exactly for introverts, is it?

Not at all; if you happen to be shy or reserved then this car isn’t for you at all as it attracts so much attention wherever it goes. It is a real head-turner and people always want to stop and chat with me when they see this car and I love that.

It makes me happy when people appreciate my car — and it’s a great icebreaker too. I was under the impression that this would attract the fairer sex but so far it is mainly old men who have shown any interest!

To be honest, this ’69 Continental wasn’t the only classic on my radar, I was considering a classic Chevy pick-up truck as I love the way these look and perform. However, after some research I figured that these might be a bit harder to restore and finding parts here in the UAE would be quite tricky. Maybe I’ll take on a project car in the future.


You must tell us if you ever get one of those. What is the 7.6-litre V8 in the Lincoln like?

It is very potent and makes 365 horsepower. Even though it has a pretty powerful sound system on it, I prefer to listen to the roar of the engine while driving. Now that is music to my ears. Apart for the smooth ride, powerful motor and classic styling, I love the suicide doors. You actually do feel like a president when both front and back doors are wide open allowing you to make the most graceful of entrance or exits.


It’s a great feature for a great car. What got you interested in motoring?

I have two brothers who buy American muscle cars and then spend all their time tuning them up — it’s been this way ever since I was a kid. My part back when I was younger was to watch them work and help by bringing the right tools such as screwdrivers, bolts and so on for the job.

I learned a lot back then and am far more hands on. In fact, I modified my very first car — a Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL that used to belong to my dad — to such an extent that it became a seriously fast saloon.
I tweaked the motor, added a full exhaust system and a posi traction rear end, which really made it snappy off the line.

I also had a 1987 BMW 3 Series convertible and I totally rebuilt the 2.7-litre on that. It had a Dr Schrick camshaft, high-pressure pistons, modified crankshaft, full intake and exhaust system and, of course, a posi. It sure embarrassed many of my friends’ sportscars at the time!


Finally, what is your dream car?

A Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.


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