Welcome to My Wheels, Mehdi. You’ve been passionate about cars for a while haven’t you?

I sure have, in fact I believe I was born a petrolhead; as far as I can remember, I was always surrounded by cars and engines.

Before being old enough to drive cars, I was riding off-road bikes on the beach when growing up in Tunisia, and soon enough my father would allow me to manoeuvre his cars inside the garage on my own.

I used to be a massive fan of the Dakar Rally and I never missed a single episode broadcast every night on TV.

Also, my grandmother lives very close to the Spa-Francorchamps Formula 1 track in Belgium and as a kid I used to love spending time on that mythic circuit.

All these things have fuelled my passion for motoring.

Did you walk the track?

All the time!

That’s awesome. You studied in Australia, what were you driving over there?

A Suzuki Swift Extreme; it may have had a small engine but it looked the part what with a full aerodynamic package, and best of all it had a manual transmission and was lots of fun to drive.

It had a tow hook for my jet ski, which cost more than the car! I’ve also owned a 2006 Renault Clio Sport 182, 2009 Volkswagen Golf R32 and a 2013 Golf R.

It is the best, it’s as simple as that. It is fast, compact, looks beautiful, has a brilliant fit and finish, and most importantly has an amazing soundtrack.

You’re clearly a hot-hatch fan, and that explains your brand-new RS 3…

Yes, I love this segment of cars and my previous models were a lot of fun to drive. My family has a history of buying cars from Volkswagen Audi Group and I suppose getting the Audi was a logical choice for me.

But there are loads of other hot-hatches out there; what made you go for this one?

It is the best, it’s as simple as that. It is fast, compact, looks beautiful, has a brilliant fit and finish, and most importantly has an amazing soundtrack.

Yes, that blown 2.5-litre five-cylinder does sound good, we test drove one recently and loved it. How much fun is yours proving to be?

I have only put 800km on it so far but I can’t remove the smile from my face. It handles amazingly and the massive brakes provide lots of stopping power, too. This is my third ride that has all-wheel drive. The Quattro system on this is amazing — the car is absolutely glued to the road.

The best thing I have driven is an R8 V10 (my dream car in fact is a 2016 Audi RS 6 Performance edition) but this runs it pretty close. I reckon my car will remain a rather low-mile example because of my job; I am always flying around somewhere and the car is being used sparingly but when I do get behind the wheel it makes me feel very special.

I can’t wait for the run-in period to end so I can enjoy the car on track days.

It’ll plant an even bigger smile on your face when you do...

I can imagine it will because right now just seeing it makes me smile. I can’t help turning back to look at it every time I park it, it’s a bit like what us guys do when we see a beautiful lady pass by! I love the colour; I think Sepang Blue suits the car best.

The interior is a fine mix of sportiness and class and the Bang & Olufsen sound system is top notch — but the melody of the exhaust wins every time.

It’s early days yet but do you have any plans to customise it?

With 367bhp for such a small car, I am happy with its output, but I will be adding a K&N air filter to help it breathe better and I may look into tweaking the ECU a little.

I wouldn’t change the aesthetics of it but would like to protect the paint, which is why I have already applied a ProTech paint protection system to the car.

It gets a fair bit of attention, doesn’t it?

Yes, especially from other Audi owners. The other day while driving along Shaikh Zayed Road, there was a beautiful brand-new RS 6 next to me. We exchanged exhaust notes (while respecting the speed limit and road etiquette, of course) and I drove off after we gave each other the thumbs up.

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