Welcome back to My Wheels, Nader. Do you still own that gorgeous 1970 Barracuda we last sawyou with?

No, I sold it to a friend who absolutely loves it. He has a big collection of cars and I feel happy it’s gone to him as I know he’ll love it as much as I did.


Your little daughter Salma was very attached to it; how did she handle the sale?

She didn’t approve at all and was upset with me! She still asks about it — but I’m now trying to switch her attention to my new classic.


That shouldn’t take long as your 1970 Plymouth GTX is an unbelievable replacement. Where did you find it?

It was from a dealership in the US, it had three previous owners and they were all related! This car had been in one family all its life.


It’s in mint condition; was it also restored like your ’Cuda?

The beauty of this GTX is that it’s all original with only 62,800 documented miles. What you see in the photos is exactly how it came out of the factory. Nothing has been added or removed, it’s been really well maintained. It even has the original radio, which still works!

The only thing I am going to do is upgrade the AC system.


It has the 440 cubic inch (7.2-litre) ‘Super Commando’ V8, which made 375bhp back in the day, and judging by the photos, it still performs great all these years later...

It really does, it’s as if it hasn’t aged at all even though it is nearly 50 years old! The first day I got the GTX I went head to head with a much newer muscle car and it managed to keep up with ease.

It was easy to extract a few more horses from these big blocks back in the day and I may do so. Figures of 400 to 25bhp are very possible to attain.


That would be a serious amount of firepower. How does it make you feel when you turn the key?

I feel the same way about it as I did my old ’Cuda and that is sheer happiness. Every time I get inside the car and drive around, it makes me feel like a rock star!

I drive it everywhere, too, but you’ll mostly see me around the Marina and Jumeirah area.

People are always left speechless by it. Then they ask me if I’d be interested to sell or trade it. The answer is always  no”.


Plymouth produced 7,748 GTX hardtops in 1970. It’s a rare car and would be worth a pretty penny…

I guess everything has its price, but it is hard to put a figure on love and I sure do love this car. Also, if I ever did want to sell it, then I would have to make sure the buyer is someone who would look after it — just like my buddy who now has my ’Cuda. I still ask him to send me photos of it!


You really miss that one, don’t you! Who helps keep your GTX looking this sharp?

My friend Nasier Frederik from Select Nano garage. You can consider it the car spa; you send your pride and joy there and it comes back shining like never before. As for parts, I am still shipping whatever I need from the US. It’s the best option; it costs a little more but getting original, high-quality parts is my priority. Plus, I’ll never find GTX parts here in Dubai. The car is just too rare.


We were expecting to feature you with your other ride, a 1965 Chevrolet Impala—we’ll get round to that some day. Have you done any more work to it recently?

It is fully restored and back home in Egypt now. I was there two months ago and got to drive it around, and it turned so many heads.

I would love to bring it back here but I gifted it to my dad. He rebuilt it for me over the past two years and this was my way of thanking him for all the love and support he has given me all my life.


That’s a lovely gesture. Finally, are you any closer on getting any of your other dream cars? You said you wanted a 1967 Pontiac GTO, a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 and a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T…

I’m very close, but I can’t tell you what one just yet. It’ll be a surprise.


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