Welcome to My Wheels, George. This has to be the meanest-looking Challenger we have ever seen! You’ve done an amazing job modifying this. Tell us from A to Z exactly what you have done and how long it all took.

Thanks for the compliment. Well, I couldn’t do much with regards to the performance side of things due to the RTA rules and regulations, so it’s mostly cosmetic upgrades.

I had it painted a custom pearl yellow colour and dressed up the exterior with a cowl bonnet scoop, custom headlight rings, lettered tyres wrapped around Centre Line MM1 20x9in front and 20x10.5in rear wheels, custom made splitters, side skirts and diffusers and GTS rear windshield louvres. I also dropped the ride height with H&R lowering springs and added a Borla Atak exhaust system.

A few of the well-known garages such as 971 Kustoms, Majestic Car Care and Ramy Automotive, helped me get the look I wanted for my Dodge.


Do you plan to do any more work on it?

Working on my car is an addiction and it is never ending. I have ordered an airbag suspension from Universal Air Suspension from the US, along with a custom-made competition music system and possibly
a wide-body kit.

I hope all these things will be added to my car in time for the Emirates Custom Show in Abu Dhabi in March.


What attracted you to Dodge in the first place?

This brand has a history of more than 100 years and it is one of the finest American cars in the market. If my finance allows me to go for another car, it would be a Hellcat. Basically I wouldn’t ever consider changing from this brand.

I never get bored with driving my car — and even though it’s set up to stand out in car shows, I drive it every day from Dubai to Abu Dhabi for work. Weekends are always packed for me with Dodge club events or drives with my wife and buddies or spending time in garages working on the car.


Have you ever driven the Hellcats? If so, how does your car compare to those 707bhp beasts?

Thanks to Dodge Middle East I was able to drive both the Charger and Challenger on road and track when they were launched in the UAE. My car has a long way to go to even get close to the performance of the Hellcat and I am also looking forward to the Dodge Demon Challenger, which will be launched this year.

But I am ever so proud of my car — which gets a lot of attention on the road — and because of it I have made friends with a lot of petrolheads here. Also, people message and call me asking for advice on how to set up their Dodges, which makes me very happy.


You had to convince your family first before you could buy it, right?

Yes, initially my parents were against the idea of me spending so much time and money on cars but after seeing my passion they accepted it and are happy now. My wife has always supported me with all the mods that I keep making to my car and comes with me to events and shows.


That’s great. You’ve always been a fan of American muscle cars, haven’t you?

Yes, in fact my first car was a black 2007 Chevrolet Lumina. It was such an awesome car and I loved driving it, but sadly it was written off in a bad accident. It took me six months to persuade my dad that I would be getting another American V8 again and finally, after having convinced him, I entered the world of Mopar with a 2008 Dodge Charger RT. Then, along with a couple of my friends, I founded the official Dodge Club UAE, which currently has over 120 registered members and is supported by Mopar and Trading Enterprises.


Finally, what is your dream car?

I have two — a Viper ACR and Corvette C7 ZO6. The Dodge because it can produce so much power with a naturally aspirated V10 and the Chevy for its mean looks and track performance.


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