Welcome to My Wheels, John. That’s a flashy Charger you’ve got there — if the fancy blue body, blacked-out headlights and black bonnet don’t capture people’s attention, the Lamborghini-style doors sure will!

Thanks for featuring me and my Dodge in the magazine. You’re right — the doors in particular are the first things that people tend to point at when they’re wide open; there’s something about dihedral doors that just looks so great and far more impressive than standard doors. They have the ability to transform a car. I’ve seen this style of doors on some very ordinary cars and you can’t help but look twice at the car when usually you wouldn’t even notice it.



Your car sure isn’t ordinary; it has a 3.5-litre V6 with lots of other goodies thrown in too. Tell us about all the modifications you’ve made to it.

I started by giving it a new paint job and since I love the colour blue, I opted for a Satin Blue finish, which I mixed myself. Then I added 20in alloys in all four corners, made a wide-body kit for it in-house, along with a custom-made front lip, side skirts and rear diffuser. Then I focused on the performance and made a custom exhaust system to help the V6 breathe a little easier and improved the stopping power with a set of EBC Performance Brakes. The H&R lowering springs gave it a better, lower stance — but I will be adding an air suspension soon and bigger wheels too.

As for the interior, I went with a custom blue look and wanted a proper sound system, so I added two Pioneers subs and four Pioneer 6x9 speakers (more are on the way!), and it also has two 19in TVs in the back seats.


That sure is a lot of work — and you did it yourself, didn’t you?

If you want things done right, you have to do them yourself! My passion for motoring began as a child when I’d go with my dad to his garage and watch and learn how he rebuilt engines and painted cars. All my life I have been around cars and love working with them.


You’ll probably want to hang on to this Charger for a while...

I have already owned it for five years and with further plans to customise it, it may be with me for another five! I almost bought a 300C before this, but I felt the Dodge had more potential in terms of modifying than the Chrysler. I also have a 1969 Impala.


Wow! We’ll definitely be seeing you in the magazine again with the Chevy! How often do you drive the Charger?

I don’t drive it too much — I spare it more for car shows and events. But when I do drive it, usually on weekends, it always makes me smile, what with the solid performance and the way it handles thanks to the new springs — not to mention the banging sound system.

I must say that I am very proud of my car and love its aggressive looks. It was used in a Punjabi music video and MBC Action did a full segment on it. Whenever I drive it, everyone whips out their smart phone to take selfies with it.


Finally, what’s your dream car?

I have driven lots of cars, but the Nissan GT-R beats them all, hands down.


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