Welcome to My Wheels, Heba. This has to be the most eye-catching Mustang we have ever seen. You’ve had it for two years and in that time a lot of work has gone into transforming it. Tell us about it.

Thanks for featuring me in the magazine. Well, the very first mod that I had done to it was before I even took delivery of the car — and that was a Roush exhaust. I wanted a deep sound and had the system installed by the dealer with a formal letter. Then I had the car lowered by 1.5in, added 25mm wheel spacers and upgraded the suspension which significantly improved the car’s cornering and handling. I have since installed an Anderson Composites carbon fibre bonnet, APR wing and performance splitter to help shed some weight and I must say the CDC Outlaw body kit — which includes a front spoiler, side skirts and a rear spoiler — looks great on the car and I installed vertical doors too. It also had a full custom exterior and interior light upgrade; DRLs, Demon and Angel Eyes, fogs, and sequential indicators and I had them programmed to sync together to my liking.

As for the colour, it was originally Competition Orange but I wanted the car to stand out more and with an unusual, daring colour combination. So I did my research and shortlisted the colours I wanted and had samples sent to me. Then, finally, I chose the customised ZTS hyper-shift dip and got the necessary paperwork done for approvals and had the car registration changed too.


You’ve sure been busy but there’s more on the to-do list, right?

Yes, my next mods are to have long tube headers and an off-road H-pipe installed, which will create more power and torque. I’ve already added a JLT cold air intake with SCTx4 custom tuning and there has been a reasonable horsepower gain (it made 325bhp on the dyno) and I can feel the difference whenever I floor the throttle. In fact, I have started thinking about a major engine boost. I am contemplating going for a procharger to give the 3.7-litre V6 a boost, but that requires massive saving and approvals to keep it all legal.

I am also thinking about adding a wide-body kit, so it’s no wonder that since I got this car, I’m always broke, but it’s been a major thrill customising it. I have loved researching all of the aftermarket parts, contacting the dealers, tracking each part’s move and nagging the courier 100 times about the delivery date and time. I feel like a kid in a candy store! I empty a space for all the parts in the house and take photos of all the boxes and unwrap them one by one and read all the enclosed pamphlets and installation instructions to gain more knowledge about each part. I have set up an Instagram account for my car build and have more photos of my car and the aftermarket parts than I have of myself. My family knows by now that all gifts are accepted in car parts only; no cash, diamonds or roses!


It’s your first American car — what made you opt for it?

I used to own a Japanese car (Toyota), and two German cars (an Opel and a BMW) and then one day I woke up with an epiphany that I needed a radical change in my boring automotive life, and so I started shopping for a muscle car. I am quite adventurous (I skydive, scuba-dive, and know how to drift), so a muscle car suits my character rather well.

I nearly bought a Camaro but the Mustang won me over. I don’t have words to describe how much fun this car is to drive; with the roof down and in perfect weather with the sound of the exhaust for company, it’s just priceless.

I like to drive my car at any time of the day, on long empty roads and on busy streets — driving is therapy for me. I do not drive to reach a destination, in fact getting lost is my hobby, it is an excuse to drive for longer!


It must get a heck of a lot of attention...

It does — and sometimes it draws unwanted attention, especially with the new paint; people may like it or not, but they’re always staring at it and taking photos of it and with it. This is something I have never encountered before. It sure turns a lot of heads.

Annoyingly, some people don’t believe it is mine and think it must belong to my husband, brother or father; they’re not used to a girl driving a muscle car, let alone it being seriously modified. Then they are surprised when I say it is mine — but I have always had a strong passion for motoring thanks to my dad. He taught me how to drive a manual when I was in high school (my Astra had a stick and driving that daily in Cairo was a painful workout!) and showed my siblings and I how to change the oil, top up the coolant and so on.

He still has a deep passion for cars and I have seen him treat them as if they were human. He tackles speed bumps with care, drives an extra mile to ensure he’s parked in the shade, gives them regular check-ups — and now this is all in my blood.


That’s awesome. Lastly, what is your dream car?

The Ferrari F40, Lotus Esprit SE, and a Sixties or Seventies Mustang.


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