Hey it’s Michael Knight — aka Jehanzaib Abbas! How’s your KITT replica that you showed us back in issue 550? Still pulling the crowds?

Hi again and first of all, thank you for having me back in the magazine.

KITT is doing fine, it’s been garaged for the summer and once the weather cools down a little I will take it out and show it off!

It attracts such a large crowd of people whenever I drive it; first off it’s a black third generation Trans Am and that on its own is a real eye-catching car as you’ll know since you have one as well, but when I put the red scanner light on people’s jaw’s drop to the floor. They are genuinely excited to see this iconic car.


Have you done anything else to that Trans Am?

Nothing apart for maintaining it and replacing the fluids on a regular basis.

However, I do have plans to modify it further; I am looking to get the Knight Rider season 1-2 interior soon. This will be a massive job to undertake but I really want to get this done. Then, I will have a full on KITT replica. After all it was the futuristic dash that made the car really stand out. I’ll keep you posted!


Yes, please do! You recently picked up your second Trans Am and it’s also a third generation; surely you will convert it to KITT’s nemesis, KARR?!

That’s the idea! I managed to source a very clean 1984 Trans Am. Currently it is white and has a blue leather interior. To get it looking like KARR (which was black with a silver lower portion and of course an orange scanner at the front) will take some time and effort — and a load of money! I’ll get round to doing this eventually and perhaps we can photograph the two TV icons together once it’s ready.


Sure, they will look great together. Ok, moving on, I see you have a lovely Integra DC2 now; where did you find this one?

I found it locally here in Dubai. I have always loved these cars and had been searching for one for a while.

These cars were considered the ultimate front-wheel drive sports coupés. I’m so glad I found this car otherwise I may have opted for a Mitsubishi Evolution 9 which wouldn’t have been bad either. But deep down, I am Honda fan.


With a five-speed manual too, these are really fun to drive…

Yes it is really enjoyable to drive either fast or slow, it always puts a smile on my face.

Indeed with it being a manual the pleasure of driving is significantly increased; it is far more involving and engaging and when the Vtec engages the car seems to wake up even more. The 1.80litre four-cylinder with dual overhead camshaft makes around 200bhp.

Even though the car is 17 years old it can still move in a hurry and it handles great. I love the styling and aerodynamics of this car and driving it makes me feel young and energetic again!


It’s been modified a fair bit too…

It sure has; it has a Skunk PRO intake manifold, Skunk 270mm throttle body and 340cc injector, adjustable cam gear, Spoon Gen1 headers, Mugen full exhaust, MSD ignition, aluminum radiator, AEM V2 air filter and rides on a set of Original Volk Rays TE37 alloys.

I added a bunch of TYpe R goodies including the console, steering wheel, shift knob, spoiler and strut bar and I dressed the interior with Recaro SR3 red seats.


It looks really great and we wish you years of happy motoring. Finally, what is your dream car?

I love the Lamborghini Huracán.


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