Welcome to My Wheels, Ibrahim. Tell us how your passion for motoring began…

Thank you for featuring me in the magazine. Well, ever since childhood I have always liked cars. I remember that I used to buy lots of remote control cars and play with them all over the house and on any smooth surface that I could find. When I grew up a little I bought the petrol powered remote control cars which are so much faster and require far more skill to be able to control properly without crashing them. I became quite good and even entered some competitions.

When I turned 18 I took my driving test and passed in my first attempt which made me very happy. I think I was born to drive! My first car was a Mercedes and that made me feel very special. It was an amazing car for a college kid to be driving around in!


And then you bought this Mustang which you say is your dream car too, right?

It is and it is the best car that I have ever driven. I bought this Ford new and have had it for a year now and I love it. It has the 2.3-litre Ecoboost engine which is a brilliant motor; it is economical and yet it is still very potent too. I always wanted to buy a Mustang and I am ever so pleased to have been able to get one.


What is it about the Mustang that you like so much?

I guess it is the whole package really. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of the Ford Mustang. It has always managed to conjure up images of freedom and performance in my mind. It has an iconic history and is the second-longest-running sportscar nameplate in the US after the Corvette. It is affordable and reliable and I have even made a lot of new friends thanks to the car. I am constantly amazed at how enthusiastic Mustang owners are. And the fact that these cars are fully customizable is the icing on the cake. The aftermarket community embraces all generations of the Mustang and it is easy to tune up the car or modify the exterior.

What’s more, these cars are ever so enjoyable to drive and I must say mine gets a lot of attention whenever I take it to car shows. It has amazing looks and terrific performance too. And to think I was considering buying a Nissan 370z or a Chevrolet Camaro SS! Don’t get me wrong, those two are fine cars and I can understand why people like them. However, when I asked my family and friends they all said I should go for the Mustang, and I am really glad I took their advice.


You mentioned that these cars are customizable and yours sure isn’t stock. Tell us what you have had done to your Ford…

Well starting with the engine, I didn’t just get the bay airbrushed with red and black skulls — I added a JLT performance race air filter to help it breathe a little better too. My car also has a Xforce exhaust system with a catless downpipe. While I was tuning the engine with the help of a Ford specialist from the UK, he increased the boost to 2.5 bar and the car became so much more potent that I couldn’t manage it. In fact, I nearly crashed it. It was scary so we turned the boost right down!

I always wanted my car to be different than the others and so after the engine and exhaust modifications I started to concentrate on the exterior of the car. I added a MMD spoiler and window louvers, then I added a Hennessey rear diffuser and side skirts, multicolour headlights and finally I got a Roush scoop on the bonnet. I have always liked the red and black colour combination and got various parts of the body trimmed in black and then I customised the interior in red and black trim.


It is looking fabulous — especially the engine bay — but do you have any other plans to modify it further? If so, what would you like to do next?

Yes I do have some more plans in my mind and in fact my next step will be to do add a massive sound system in the boot and as for power, I would like to get a bigger turbo put in to increase the horsepower.

But as it is, this car is ever so fun to drive especially when the turbo spools up when you floor it. It sure puts a wide smile on my face and since this is the only car I have, it is my daily driver and that means I smile quite a lot!


It must make others smile too when you show it off…

It sure does! It always gets a positive reaction from people and they always take photos of it whenever I am driving and when I park up a crowd forms around it. It is very popular in Dubai!

I am proud of what I have done to my car, so far, it is that it’s an extension of my personality.


You are a member of Mustang Knights — tell us about this car club…

Mustang Knights was created for owners of these cars in August 2014 and we hold all sorts of events such as custom car shows, drag races and drift events at race tracks in the UAE and we also arrange charity events and campaigns. We have more than 50 members in the club.


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