Welcome to My Wheels Abdulla. That’s a sharp C 63 AMG you’ve got there. Tell us about it…

I have had this car since 2012 — I bought it new from the Mercedes dealership. It was always my dream to have the C 63 and when that came true, I was delighted. I had been contemplating buying a Nissan GT-R but after I drove the C 63 AMG, it was an easy decision to make because this car not only has incredible power, but it is luxurious and can seat five adults very comfortably, too. Its utility was the key… Really? No, who am I trying to fool — it was the power!

Thought so. How much is it putting out?

The 6.2-litre V8 had 481 horses when I first got it but it is safe to say that it now has way more and is one of the most powerful C 63s in Group 63.

I have done quite a lot of work to the car. For instance, it’s been fully modified to Stage 3; it has a full exhaust system (with blue titanium tips) and headers by IPE — widely accepted as the best brand for tuning this car. Now, I am waiting for my Weistec supercharger to arrive and it should add even more power to the car.

Best of all, I can control the exhaust note, so with a push of a button it can make a thunderous sound or be as quiet as an electric car. Well, not quite but you get what I mean. In fact, it’s quite funny playing tricks on other sportscar owners; they’re always revving their engines at the lights and often want others to do likewise. They don’t expect much of a roar from my C-Class but when I push that button and all hell breaks loose, their expressions are priceless!

It must be really enjoyable to drive…

It is unbelievable; I drive it daily and it is always superb, I love listening to the sound it makes; it puts a smile on my face the moment I crank it up.

It’s very, very fast and the only place where I stretch its legs is on the safety of the track. I have also entered drag racing competitions where it performed incredibly well.

It gets a fair amount of attention, too, doesn’t it?

I get lots of nice comments from my family and friends due to the full carbon-fibre performance package, which includes a front lip, rear diffuser and rear wing. The interior features lots of carbon fibre trim and Rosso red leather seats, and overall, I have to say that I am very proud of the car.

I will never sell this one — even though it has terrible fuel efficiency (that 6.2-litre sure does like a drink!) — it’s a special ride.

What got you interested in cars in the first place?

My father used to trade in cars, and he was in love with sportcars and all the classics of his time, and I would always see him with all sorts of automobiles when I was a kid. That made a big impression on me. I fell in love with cars and couldn’t wait to be old enough to drive.

My first car was a Toyota Land Cruiser, which I drove everywhere. It had a manual transmission and was a blast, especially in the desert. I had modified it a lot and in fact, I still have that SUV and use it for dune bashing.

I have also owned an Audi TT convertible — also with a manual gearbox — and it was a lot of fun. It was fast and loud — just the way I like them! But the best car that I have ever driven is a Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale. Is that your dream car, too? No — that would have to be the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

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