Welcome to My Wheels, Yusuf. This is one of the wildest Velosters we have seen…

Thank you for featuring me and my ride in the magazine. Yes, it tends to stand out just a little bit!


You can say that again! Before we get to your Hyundai, tell us how your passion for motoring began...

My passion for motoring started to grow when I would drop off our family car, a Honda MR-V, for servicing at the service centre. I was fascinated and intrigued by the whole process — and then I discovered various tuning shops and the endless possibilities of what can be done to a car had me hooked. I started to get more interested in the customising side of the industry, as you can probably tell…


We sure can. This is the first car that you ever bought — what attracted you to this model?

The most striking thing about the Veloster is its funky, sporty shape along with the fact that it has two doors on one side and just a single door on the other.

I’ve always been into sportscars — I’ll never forget the day I got to drive a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (and I dream of owning a Nissan GT-R someday) so I am pleased to begin my motoring journey with the Veloster. The best thing about this car which I have owned for around two years, is that I have been able to slowly modify it and customise it to my liking at different stages since I like to keep up with all the latest trends and new options and it felt like a good plan at the time and it’s worked out great so far.

But I’ll be honest, it wasn’t something that I was aware of at all. I had just seen it a couple of times on the roads and I grew curious about it and decided to go and check it out at the dealership.


Oh, so you didn’t really plan on buying a Veloster?

No not really, it wasn’t a model that I was considering but then after going to the dealership and seeing it up close and then taking it for a test drive I liked it and decided to buy it.

During this period I was also considering the Honda Accord and the Suzuki Swift, but the Veloster won me over with the sheer amount of tech and kit that it comes with; even the base model has a good variety of kit unlike other cars where you don’t get much at all with the base model. So, overall it was a good deal and I am glad I went for it.


And it has proven to be quite good to drive too, right?

Yes absolutely. After buying it, it was the way that it handled that really impressed me the most. It tackles the corners really well, with minimal body roll and it remains planted on the road — when you are going at a reasonable speed, of course.

It has a 1.6-litre four-cylinder motor, which is mated to a slick six-speed automatic that sends the 128 horses to the front wheels. It also has 157Nm of torque and can do the 0-100kph sprint in about 10.0 seconds.

I drive it almost daily (it’s ever so economical too getting me around 7 litres per 100km) and I love being out on the highway with it but it is just as much fun cruising down the boulevard too and letting everyone see my creation.


It has been customised a lot — tell us from start to finish all of the things that you have had done…

It all started when I had the Devil wing installed and painted the rims black. These two simple steps served as a push for me to customise it further and then I decided to go the whole nine yards.

The next thing I did was to add a front lip and side skirts to it and in addition to that I had some lighting work done to the interior. Then, I replaced the headlights with multiple coloured units but the latest modification has been the most significant and exciting one to date and that getting Vossen wheels and an Eibach lowering kit. This really helped to transform my car. Last but not least, I got a camouflage wrap for the exterior and then repainted my alloys in Candy Red.


And that’s not the end of it either is it…

No, I have more modifications planned for the future such getting a wide body kit and air suspension.

The best thing about customising my car is that it is truly unique amongst all of the other Velosters out there. This gives me real pleasure and this feeling is heightened when I see the positive reaction from my family and friends.

It has also created a healthy competitive spirit amongst the Veloster Team UAE club members who are all trying to get their Velosters customised and modified in their own special way.


Tell us more about the club…

I’m one of the admins of the club and we usually arrange meetups and do charity work too. We’ve participated in many local events such as the EMMA Arabia and we’ve organised road trips where we covered all the Emirates. We also collaborated with the UAE ST Club for an autocross competition and branched out of the UAE by setting up a meet up where two of our members flew to Spain to check out the Spain Veloster Club which was quite exciting and a real milestone for us.

We’re currently organising a trip to Oman with the Oman Veloster Club and Liberty Riders this month. This will mark the beginning of much collaboration with the other international clubs.